School Dress Code


REACH will adhere to a strict uniform policy in the 2017-18 school year. 

Parents may purchase school attire through a vendor of their choice. School approved vendor info coming soon.


 Tops and Bottoms

  • Solid Navy Blue or Khaki pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, jumpers (no jeans).
    • Shorts, skirts, and skorts:
      • Must be arm’s length
      • We recommend girls wear shorts underneath skirts, skorts and jumpers whenever possible.
  • Solid WHITE button-down oxford shirts (short or long sleeve). Peter Pan collars are allowed only with the jumpers.
  • Solid Navy Blue v-neck vest.

LOGOS ARE PREFERRED BUT ARE NOT REQUIRED ON VESTS. ONLY school logos are allowed on clothing. NO other logos may be worn.


  • Athletic tennis shoes (any color).
  • Oxford (loafers)
  • Socks must be worn with shoes.
  • Absolutely NO sandals, heelies, flip-flops or platforms.

Socks/Leg wear

  • Must be worn at all times
  • Socks in Navy or white
  • Tights/Leggings in navy or white

Jackets, Pull-overs, and/or Sweaters

  • Solid Navy, White or Gray ONLY
  • Plain or School Logo Only
  • Label clearly with student’s name

Over Coats

  • Any style accepted on cold and/or rainy days
  • Label clearly with student’s name

Free Dress Days

Specific days will be designated as Free Dress Days. Students may also earn the privilege of wearing Free Dress throughout the school year. For more information regarding dress code, refer to the student handbook.

Spirit Days

  • University & College T-shirts or Jerseys may be worn with uniforms on Wednesdays.
  • REACH Spirit Day or 100 Mile Club T-Shirts may be worn with uniforms every Friday.  To order a Spirit Day T-Shirt, see order information below.

To Order School Uniforms

Please Note: Parents may purchase school clothing from a vendor or local merchandise store of their choosing. (MORE INFO COMING SOON.)

Spirit Day T-Shirts (PTO Fundraiser) 

Available sizes:
  • $10/Child (XS-L)
  • $13/Adult (S-XL)
  • $15/Adult (XXL-XXXL)

Spirit Day T-Shirts may be purchased in the office.

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