“Leadership isn’t about imposing the leader’s solo dream; it’s about developing a shared sense of destiny.” — Kouzes & Posner


Dr. Virgie Rentie, Founder and Executive Director/CEO

Dr. Virgie Rentie is the visionary leader, founder, and Executive Director/CEO of REACH Leadership Academy. She entered the field of education over two decades ago believing that if students have access to High Quality instruction they can and will learn.

Dr. Rentie holds a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership as well as a Master’s Degree in Education and Clear CLAD Teaching Credential from Pepperdine University. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Southern California and holds an Early Childhood Director Permit from the California Department of Education. Dr. Rentie received training from Riverside Unified School District’s Leadership Academy and holds an Administrative Services Credential.

As an ardent Charter School supporter, Dr. Rentie believes that in order to close the achievement gap for lower performing students, schools need to claim more time for learning. She posits that in an ever-changing, global society, it is imperative that schools be taken beyond its traditional boundaries by extending the school day and lengthening the school year. While including different kinds of learning experiences anchored in cooperative learning, investigations, technology integration, and community-based experiences, Dr. Rentie, with the help of a dynamic and dedicated leadership team, has constructed a student-centered educational program at REACH that empowers young people to be innovative problem solvers who are knowledgeable about themselves, their community, and the broader world around them.

Email: vrentie@reachroyals.org

Susie Navarro, Vice Principal 

Email: snavarro@reachroyals.org

Johanna Calmes, Director of Business Operations

Email: jcalmes@reachroyals.org

Anne Dumire, Administrative Instructional Specialist

Email: adumire@reachroyals.org

Venice Angel, Special Education Director

Email: vangel@reachroyals.org

Kristina Benavides, Registration Coordinator 

Email: kbenavides@reachroyals.org

Judi Lynn Jenkins, Discipline Coordinator

Email: jjenkins@reachroyals.org

Rachael Staylor, Special Programs Coordinator

Email: rstaylor@reachroyals.org

Ruben Nolasco, Safety Coordinator

Email: rnolasco@reachroyals.org

Marilyn De La Cruz, Executive Assistant

Email: mdelacruz@reachroyals.org

Hannah Crupi, Nutrition Services Manager

Email: hcrupi@reachroyals.org

Na’Ama Malkah-Smith, Health Clerk

Email: nmalkah-smith@reachroyals.org

Jose Gonzalez, Physical Education Instructor

Email: jgonzalez@reachroyals.org

Mykaela Smith, After School Supervisor

Email: msmith@reachroyals.org

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