“If America is to maintain our high standard of living, we must continue to innovate. We are competing with nations many times our size. We don’t have a single brain to waste. Math and science are the engines of innovation. With these engines we can lead the world. We must demystify math and science so that all students feel the joy that follows understanding.”

— Dr. Michael Brown

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STEAMAt REACH Leadership STEAM Academy, we are dedicated to providing our students with current and relevant curriculum and empowering them with the knowledge and skill set to become 21st Century, life-long learners. Our goal is to cultivate global literate students who are equipped to address issues that affect their local community and the global community around them. REACH’s research-based curriculum is Common Core ready. We use thoroughly researched strategies with proven success records to guide instruction. Our core curriculum addresses the whole child and is designed to meet their individual needs. Students are taught at their instructional level giving every student universal access. REACH is a STEM + Art focused school with an increased emphasis in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math.   Our Core Curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, History & Social Science, Physical Education, Foreign Language, and Global Literacy.

LEGOS for Education 

Legos for EducationThis year REACH will introduce students to simple machines using LEGOS. Using the LEGO-based engineering program makes abstract concepts real and lays a strong foundation for Robotics and other STEM-related fields of interest.

Transitional Kindergarten Program (TK)

TKStudents entering Kindergarten must turn 5 by September 1 of that same year. Transitional Kindergarten allows students who turn 5 between September 2 and December 2 an opportunity to participate in a 2-year kindergarten readiness program aimed at better preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. REACH has a fully dedicated Transitional Kindergarten program which affords students who qualify an extra year of maturity and exposure to a modified kindergarten curriculum. Our TK students enter kindergarten the following year well prepared for the rigors of the Common Core State Standards.

Global Literacy

global literacyGlobal Literacy speaks to one’s ability to think globally and address global issues. REACH teachers integrate global literacy across traditional subject areas. Students work collaboratively with individuals representative of diverse cultures and backgrounds in a spirit of openness and mutual respect. Students have many experiences using technology integration that connect them to the the global community around them. REACH students are empowered to exhibit leadership and responsibility and have many opportunities to show integrity and ethical behavior while acting with the larger community in mind.


SM_pic 1Students of REACH Leadership STEAM Academy acquire knowledge and skills and an understanding of the mathematical processes and concepts needed to become fluent in mathematical reasoning. Students use real life experiences to make meaningful connections and to fully understand and apply mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills. The goal of REACH is to provide our students with a math curriculum that focuses on mastery, is intuitive and builds a concrete foundation -gradually helping students to gain an understanding of the abstract and symbolic. In order for our students to be successful in the world-wide economy, it is imperative that they have a high degree of comprehension in mathematics. At REACH Leadership STEAM Academy, students receive instruction far beyond the minimum State Standards through the use of curriculum integration, science labs, and project based learning.



REACH students discover and learn about the natural world by using the methods of science as extensions of their own curiosity and wonder. Students acquire knowledge of the biological, physical, and earth sciences from a balanced curriculum while developing scientific critical thinking skills (observing, comparing, organizing, inferring, relating, and applying). In addition to the required content standards, REACH Leadership STEAM Academy provides students with Science modules that elaborate on science concepts, giving students a comprehensive understanding through inquiry-based learning. Students participate in weekly hands-on investigations for active, in-depth learning.



At REACH Leadership Academy, technology is embedded into our academic curriculum in multiple ways. Students are confident users of many technological tools and effectively use technology to:

  • Gather, collect, sort, and analyze information
  • Collaborate with peers and experts through distance learning
  • Construct rich representations of learning and personal experiences
  • Engage in higher order thinking skills and problem solving
  • Enhance personal productivity and self-management

As part of our commitment to 21st Century learning, we have made a commitment to the following: (1) putting forth a concerted effort to stay current with new technologies (2)  incorporating new technology into the curriculum whenever and as often as possible, and (3) continuing to keep teachers up-to-date through regular staff development opportunities.

Language Arts 

readingREACH Leadership STEAM Academy is dedicated to creating a learning environment that encourages and supports reading with the use of Oral Language, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Comprehension, and Writing. Students have access to high interest and cultural-based literature that is suitable for the 21st Century learner. Our highly trained teachers address the five general areas of reading instruction crucial for the development and success of readers: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and text comprehension. Our reading instruction includes whole group instruction, guided instruction, differentiated instruction, and independent practice.


writing 2In order to achieve academic success, students need to be strong readers and writers. REACH students are taught key foundational skills including grammar, word usage, mechanical skills, how to write strong sentences and strong paragraphs, and most importantly how to use their own unique voices. Students have daily writing instruction in multiple formats such as: interactive writing, shared writing, phonics, dictation, sentence starters, sentence and paragraph frames, journal writing, essays, and multi-paragraph writing. Writing instruction is scaffolded. Students focus on mastery. Becoming a strong writer takes many years of targeted practice. REACH students develop the basic skills of a good writer by examining strong writing models, observing teacher write alouds, and by revising their own math, science, & technology Integration work to improve their skills.

Elementary School Foreign Language Program (ESFLP)

mandarinCurrent research suggests many positive gains with regards to foreign language instruction in primary grades, for instance, academic achievement and positive attitudes toward diversity. The top three languages in the 21st century are English, Spanish, and Mandarin.  We aim to create an environment that is conducive to a 21st Century Learner -this includes exposing our students to the world around them. The central goal of the foreign language program at REACH Leadership Academy is to develop oral language skills for both Spanish and Mandarin and to plant a seed of interest in our students to pursue proficiency in a foreign language. A 5th grade Latin class will be added in 2015-16.

Project-based Learning (PBL)

PBL-Header (1)Project-based learning (PBL) allows students to investigate important problems and projects which are relevant to them and their communities. PBL engages students in their own learning via real world issues and allows students choice in what and how they learn. REACH students participate in many project-based learning (PBL) activities which is embedded throughout our curriculum. On an ongoing basis, our highly-qualified and well-trained teachers partner with home and community experts to guide students in their own learning, decision making, and problem solving.

 Wacky Inventors Wednesday

wacky wednesdaysThe last Wednesday of the month is devoted to Project-based Activities. With the help of parent volunteers, on Wacky Inventors Wednesdays, students synthesize their knowledge of science, math, technology, art and engineering into one fun-filled day of exploration, learning, and problem-solving activities.


leadershipLeadership is the ability to inspire or influence others towards the leader’s goals. Each of our hard-working teachers devotes 30 minutes per day toward teaching our 5 Core Values and the importance of Leadership. Teachers not only model good leadership but also share examples of individuals at school, within our communities, across our nation and throughout our world who have made a positive impact not only locally but abroad -presently, as well as in the past. REACH Leadership STEAM Academy is raising the next generation of leaders, and we expect all of our students to graduate with the knowledge base and skill-set necessary to impact their communities, our nation, and the world at large for the greater good.

community | compassion | responsibility

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